So, you’re considering a trip to Chester. It’s a city known for it’s historic background, beautiful buildings and you’re never short of something to do.

Now this is great for filling your time during the day, but what about when the sun goes down? What does the Chester nightlife have to offer?

In this article we’ve taken a look at some of your options and outlined the highlights.

Night Clubs & Bars

Chester is well known for it’s nightclubs and bars, and it would take a long time to list all of them, so let’s talk you through the highlights.

First off we have Cruise. Cruise is Chester’s biggest nightclub and can appeal to everyone. It has six different themed areas, each very different to the last, meaning they’ll be one area at least that appeals to you. With bars spread across the building, you never have to go far to grab a drink and a different DJ in every room, playing a range from intense dance tunes to Britpop anthems. More often than not the club plays host to a variety of reality TV stars too, if that’s your sort of thing.

Next up we have the Chester branch of Revolution. This bar/restaurant has a great sense of style and has a dance floor in the back for those who want to move their feet. As well as offering a wide variety of drinks, Revolution is known for its crazy shots flavours. Some of the flavours include candy hearts, jellybeans, chilli and birthday cake and they do offers on multiple shots. If you are a fan of alcohol, this is the place for you.

Carrying on the theme of bars, we have Kuckoo, a small bar located on Watergate Street with a passion for cocktails and indie music. This place may not look like much on the outside, but it’s a completely different story once you enter the building. The small setting of the bar just adds to the atmosphere and brings people closer together, with a soundtrack of the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and Red Hot Chili Peppers to sing your heart out to. They also have a great range of interesting cocktail combinations available and the staff members clearly love their jobs.

Now we move on to Fiesta Havana, a place with a strong Latin vibe and great times to be had. Also on Watergate Street, it features a bar area with seating and then off to the side, a dance floor that is usually packed with DJs playing till the early hours. If you wanted to get there early, they also have great food options, having something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Restaurants & Pubs

If you’re looking for something a little quieter, why not try one of these restaurants. 

Hickory’s Smokehouse offers a family-friendly BBQ spots by the river, serving up the finest Southern hospitality in town. Starting with free popcorn while you order, this place offers authentic BBQ style food, from ribs to steaks to wood fire chicken skewers. It’s also open 9am-11pm every day, so there’s no worry of leaving early. With friendly staff and a great bar, this place could be a lovely night out for two or fun for the whole family. Be warned though, it’s in high demands so it’s recommended to book in advance.

Another food option could be Picanha by Fazenda, bringing the tastes of Brazil to the city of Chester. Offering a fusion of the traditional gaucho-style grilling and Rodizio dining experience, it regularly receives gloating reviews online and sends the customer home feeling more than full. They also have an extensive range of drinks, and the last sitting is usually around 9:30 so it’s a fantastic place to enjoy some food and grab a few drinks.

If you’re after something on the cheaper side, why not try The Square Bottle. Located on Foregate Street, this Chester branch of 'Wetherspoons' offers a variety of food including BBQ burgers, chicken and salads. This is a great place for fans of sport as well, as they are always showing the latest matches with an atmosphere to go with it. Serving as both a place to enjoy a quiet drink during the day and a lively crowd at night, there are definitely worse nights to be had.

Music Venues

Chester has always been a city with a strong music scene and in 2017, that hasn’t changed.

If you’re after a quirky venue that doubles up as a nice bar to have a drink, then Telford’s Warehouse is the place for you. Located next to the Canal, this independently run venue/bar has a really great vibe to it. The prices are reasonable and often plays host to a variety of acts, from acoustic open mic nights to full band loud gigs to classic vinyl DJs. A must see on the Chester music tour, at least a good place to start your night out.

Moving on to the full time music venues, we have The Live Rooms. Previously The Laugh Inn (co-owned by comedian Jason Manford), the venue opened in 2013 and is now Chester’s largest independent music venue. The venue has seen it’s fair share of bands, including The Misfits, Craig Charles and even Gary Numan. It plays host to a wide variety of artists, ranging from different styles and genres but always proven to be a great night out. It has also become a host venue for the annual Chester Live Festival every summer. 

If you fancy yourself a musician or just a fan of quality acoustic music, then why not head on down to the Ye Old King’s Head. Hosting a range of live music most nights, it’s became well known for it’s Open Mic Nights on Thursdays, hosted by the wonderfully charismatic David O’ Connor. The crowd are always accepting and up for a good night, so there’s no need to be nervous. If you like relatively cheap beer and good music, this might your kind of thing.

Lastly we have Alexander’s Live, a wonderful venue in the heart of the city. It often hosts weekly Open Mic and Comedy nights, as well as full band gigs. In the past, the venue has seen the likes of Bill Bailey, Jack Dee and even Duffy. Alexander’s has a very relaxed vibe, being a nice place to grab a quiet drink or some food, making it a perfect place to start the night. 

Chester as you can see, is not short of things to do when it comes to nightlife. There really is something for everybody, whether it be dancing to your heart’s content, enjoying a peaceful meal and rocking out to your favourite band. Now get out there and try it for yourself.