The Chester Races 2017 are almost upon us; therefore dress code preparations ought to be done. Dress code is a building block in confidence levels and consequently, self-esteem.

However, all this greatly depends on the enclosures you are looking to participate in. This guide will cover the dress code all the way from Dee Stand and Open Course to Tattersalls then finally, County Concourse.



Let's start with the Dee Stand and Open Course dress code...

There is no strict dress code in this area, though it is preferred to dress in line with the elements. There are only a few rules to note when it comes to the Dee Stand and Open Course; no promotional or branded outfit will be permitted on the course.

If you had been planning on such clothing, it’s bad news I’m afraid. You will be denied entry to the course if you do not follow this dress code, so plan ahead to avoid disappointment. 

For ladies, nice/pretty dresses are preferable. Maybe a floral print dress with a chain clutch and nude pumps for example. It’s your opportunity to dress up and look good so make the most of it. For men, a good example would be coloured chino bottoms with a patterned shirt and nice boots. Making yourself look nice without having to be suit and tie is the look you’re going for.

When it comes to the Tattersalls Enclosure, the dress code is slightly tighter than the Dee and Open course so take that into account. These are some of the dos and don'ts.

The male dress code is described as smart casual clothing. For example, you could go with a pair of smart, slim fitting dark jeans with a buttoned up shirt and a nice pair of shoes, maybe even a blazer. Sportswear and shorts are definitely not acceptable; especially not trainers so please leave them at home. Try to look smart but comfortable and dress for the elements, there is nothing wrong with bringing a coat.

For ladies, again use this as an excuse to break out some of your nicer summer dresses or even a jeans and blazer combination. When it comes to your shoes, plan ahead for a long day and make sure you will be comfortable and able to still walk by the end of the day. For the smart casual look, boots, loafers and oxfords are your best bet. Also, make sure you consider the colour of your footwear. To be on the safe side, go for neutral colours such as brown, black or cream as they will go with most outfits.

You can’t forget about accessories either. A pair of sunglasses on a sunny day is essential and a handbag can really help you complete an outfit. It’s also advised to consider the practicality and length of your dress. The elements might get the best of you so you don’t want a dress that is too short. The Race Course also has the right to deny access to anyone who is showing too much or not dressed appropriately, so take that into consideration.

Dress wise, good options include teal and sequin dresses, texture and linen dresses or a shirt with smart jeans. Figure hugging dresses of a good length with a lovely pair of heels never goes amiss.

Now the County Concourse is the strictest of all the enclosures when it comes to dress code. 

Gentlemen are required to wear a suit with a collar and tie, and smart shoes to match. This is non-negotiable and you won’t be allowed in unless you meet these requirements, so pre plan your outfit and make sure you look as smart as you can. Use this as an opportunity to look your best and potentially impress others.

A medium tie of a good length is your best option; a tiepin is also something to consider. Play around with the colours, for example a black jacket with a white shirt would go well with a red tie, or a black tie will complement a maroon suit jacket with a white shirt nicely. It should also be noted that denim is not permitted. Footwear wise, a pair of smart black or brown shoes will go nicely, depending on the colour of shirt/jacket. Make sure you look sharp, bring out the inner James Bond.

For ladies, fancy dresses are preferable. The dress code is similar to the Tattersalls Enclosure, although make sure your dress is an appropriate length and you should accompanied it with some beautiful earrings or a hat depending on the weather. 

So there you have it, a guide to how to dress correctly for the Chester Races 2017. Make sure you are dressed accordingly to the enclosure you are attending and feel confident about how you look. 

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